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Garage Door Tools

Essential Tools to help and assist your garage door repairs!

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Cardale Garage Door 4mm Pin Punch GDS102

Cardale 4mm Long Nose Pin Punch This is a must have tool when replacing cables!...

From £4.45

4mm Long Nose Pin Punch GDS102

4mm Long Nose Pin Punch ...

From £4.45

Henderson 4mm Pin Punch GDS102

4mm Long Nose Pin Punch - Henderson Garage Door Tools This is a must hav...

From £4.55

 Garage Door Tools 4mm Pin Punch

4mm Long Nose Pin Punch Garage Door Tools This is a must have to...

From £4.75

King Garage Door Pin Punch

3.0mm Long Nose Pin Punch King Garage Door Tools ...

From £4.95

Garage Door Tools Mole Grips

Garage Door Mole Grips 7" Locking Mole Grips Used to lock the tension...

From £5.95

Garage Door Tools Spring Tension Kit GDS101

Garage Door Spring Tension Repair Kit ...

From £6.75

Wessex Garage Tools Tension Kit

Garage Door Tools - Tension Kit RRP at le...

From £6.75

Garage Door Repair Kit GDS101 GDS102

Garage Door Service and Repair Tools 4mm Long ...

From £10.00

Garage Canopy Door Spring Tension Bars

Garage Canopy Door Spring Tension Bars This kit is a must for anyone wanting ...

From £14.95

When you are repairing your garage door, you will require the correct tools!
To help and assist you repair your garage door I have put together some of the tools
and fitting instructions to help you complete the repairs!

Please use our Fitting Instructions  Adobe
to help you fit most garage door parts.

Garage Door Tool Kits
 full garage tools  full garage tools  full garage tools

These Garage Door Tools are invaluble when carrying out garage door repairs such as replacing the
Cones and Cables for most makes on Henderson, Cardale and Wessex Garage Doors!

Please do not be tempted to use a nail or anything similar to knock out the roll pins.

By using the wrong tools may lead to serious damage to the main spring!

gds image

4mm Long Nose Pin Punch
this is invaluable for knocking out the roll pin in the plastic cone!

3.0mm Long Nose Pin Punch for King Garage Doors

Garage Door Re-Tension Kit
Can be used for servicing your door for years to come!

Please Note:
You do not require these tools for Garador or Westland repairs!

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