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Spare Parts for Apex and Bolton Gate Garage Doors - cones and cables, locks and roller spindles

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Apex Garage Door Spares

Cones Cables, Remotes, Roller Spindles, Locks and Handles

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Apex Locking Crucifix

Apex / Cardale Locking Lever Crucifix Used on CD45, CD Pro and Safelift Cardale ...

From £10.00

Apex CD Professional Garage Door Cables

Apex / Cardale Garage Door Cablesfor CD Professional and Safelift Doors ...

From £11.95

Apex 40mm Euro Garage Door Lock Barrel

Apex Garage Door Lock 40mm Barrel Overal Length is 40mm As used o...

From £12.45

Apex Garage Door Roller Spindles CAR20

Apex / Cardale Garage Door Roller Spindles 158mm long Roller Spindles for use o...

From £12.95

Apex Garage Door Replacement Cables

Apex Garage Door Replacement Cables 53" Long with loops at one end. T...

From £12.95

Apex Garage Door Cones and Cables

Cardale Cones and Cables These cables fit older Cardale up an...

From £14.95

Apex Garage Door Lock T-Bar

Apex T Bar Garage Door Locking Handle 76mm - Spindle length on a square prof...

From £14.95

Apex Garage Door Cones and Cables (Hexagonal)

Cardale Cones and Cables (Hexagonal Ends) Cardale CD45 garage...

From £14.95

Apex Cardale Roller Spindles for Retractable Garage Doors

Apex Cardale Roller Spindles For Retractable Garage Doors 135mm - Lengt...

From £14.95

Roller Spindles for Apex Garage Doors

Apex Roller Spindles Roller Spindles to fit Apex Garage Doors that are fitted w...

From £16.95

Apex Cones, Cables, Roller Spindles Repair Kit (hexagonal)

Apex Cones, Cables and Roller Spindles Repair Kit ...

From £18.95

Apex Bolton Gate Garage Door Lock Handle

Apex / Bolton Gate Garage Door Lock An earlier Garage Door Lock Handle to fit ...

From £19.95

Apex Ascot Garage Door Grey Cones and Cables

Apex Grey Cones and Cables To fit the Older Apex Ascot Garage Doors ...

From £19.95

Genuine Cardale Slideaway Rear Garage Door Latch Assembly

Genuine Cardale Slideaway Rear Garage Door Latch Assembly Replacement ...

From £19.95

Apex, Cardale, Euro Garage Door Locking Handle

Apex / Cardale Euro Locking Handle 77mm - Spindle le...

From £24.95

Apex Channel Tracks

Universal Roller Spindle Channel Tracks Will fit several makes of Canopy Gar...

From £24.95

Apex Lock Latch and Cable

Cardale Lock Latch Assembly Replacement top latch cable for trackless garage do...

From £24.95

Including Spares for Apex Ascot, Apex Filuma, Apex Berry Apex Georgian
and Bolton Gate Garage Doors

apex garage door spares

Apex garage doors were manufactured up until 1998 by the original Apex company based in Horwich near Bolton, Lancashire and produced a basic range of products under the Bolton brand which reflected its former ownership by the Bolton Gate Company.

During the late 1980s the name Bolton was dropped in favour of the Apex name and the products were renamed accordingly; Apex Filuma, Apex Berry and Apex Georgian.

Apex parts are now manufactured by another parent company (Cardale), even today this is still a privately owned British company and has been dedicated to manufacturing quality garage parts for the last 40 years.

Some spare parts are now no longer available, however I may be able to supply compatible parts to fit your garage door!

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